Woolwich market stall found selling “non-compliant” face masks

Greenwich Council has put out a press release stating action has been taken against a Woolwich stall selling “non-compliant” masks.

The council state:

“Most recently, we have prevented a stall in Woolwich from trading as they were in breach of coronavirus regulations and were selling protective equipment, such as face masks, that were non-compliant.”

Items must be quality assured to be sold as a face mask rather than a face covering.

A stall was established near Tesco off Love Lane which could be the site of the stall. I was surprised to see it operating given the location history close to the Woolwich Centre. It’s a site where Greenwich previously blocked a pizza stall.

Everyone using public transport from 15th June will be required to wear face coverings. This is another area where the UK has lagged behind other nations. Many Asian nations enacted measures in January – in part due to already common cultural practices partly a result of prior infectious disease.

Many European nations followed suit from February. The UK Government denied masks were effective for many months until suddenly changing course last night. A tad late perhaps.

The issue in Woolwich was highlighted as part of a wider story about millions of items being seized at Heathrow including fake hand sanitiser.

Published at: 05-06-2020 / 249 Views
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