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KF94 Face Masks


CE marked & FDA approved

Air Queen Ultra Clean Nano Fiber Filter Mask

Blocks 0.1 micrometer sized harmful particles

  • Buy 10 for £4.60 each and save 7%
  • Buy 50 for £4.40 each and save 11%

High defense KF9 (94% dust removal efficiency) : KF94 means the function of filtering 80% more of the 0.6 particle dust has been verified from the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety.

Factory sealed

Adjustable nose clip

Unique batch numbers

Blocks not only fine-dust but also source of infection completely through high-technology

Ergonomic three dimensional design : It cover from the nose to the chine completely, and efficiently blocks the inhaling of the fine-dust through the adhesion structure, also show high stability when wearing one.

Adhere completely from nose to chin! / Prevent inflow and stability that doesn’t fall off.

Effectively block fine-dust and allow air ventilation through a lighter 3 layer filter structure of an air purifier from the stuffy humidifying pre-existing 4 layer structure.

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